Nature lovers, foodies, thrill seekers: are you planning your dream journey around the globe? If so, here’s a list of destinations you can’t miss out on.

Hiking in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

If the urban hustle and bustle of Bangkok isn’t quite your style, take a scenic hike along the mountains overlooking Chiang Mai. In addition to a breath of fresh air, you’ll get an incredible view of the historic city and its numerous Buddhist temples - some of them dating back to the 13th century.

Having a spa day in Busan (South Korea)

No spa experience in the world can quite match up to the Korean jjimjilbang. Spas in South Korea go beyond simple saunas and massages to offer lounging areas, health tonics prepared in-house, and full-body scrubdowns guaranteed to make your skin glow. Spa Land in Busan - widely considered the best spa in South Korea - features a famous outdoor foot pool and a heated room made of blocks of Himalayan salt.

Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe & Zambia)

The Victoria Falls Bridge on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia features a 111-meter (364 ft) drop that is quickly becoming one of the most beloved bungee sites in the world. In addition to soaring past Victoria Falls, you’ll get to dive headfirst toward the Zambezi river. While the adrenaline rush may be the first thing on your mind, the experience of being in freefall surrounded by nature is sure to bring up feelings of tranquility as well.

Dining at Le Train Bleu in Paris (France)

The famous Le Train Bleu restaurant inside the Gare de Lyon station in Paris was inspired by the intersections of innovation and heritage, travel and luxury. Enjoy a modern take on traditional French cuisine while relaxing in a beautiful space designed to represent the spirit of travel and adventure.

Relaxing in the hot springs at Seljavallalaug (Iceland)

While Iceland’s Blue Lagoon has cemented its spot on seemingly every major travel guide in the world, the hot springs in Seljavallalaug are often overlooked. While the pool itself is manmade, the water flows from a natural geothermal spring containing minerals to soothe and heal your skin.

Exploring the Tallinn Christmas Market (Estonia)

Europe’s first Christmas tree was put on display in the heart of the Tallinn Market in 1441. To this day, the annual Tallinn Christmas Market features celebrations, cultural programs, and a breathtaking fairy tale view of over 40,000 glittering lights and decorations.

Strolling through the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul (Turkey)

At Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar, also known as the Egyptian Market, you can surround yourself with the rich colors and fragrances of herbs, desserts, nuts, fruits, and more. In addition to food, there are vendors who sell rugs, jewelry, and ceramics, making it a perfect destination to search for a beautiful and meaningful memento of your travels.