Exceptional Design


Every product is a one-of-a-kind creation handcrafted by artisans who take pride in their work. We choose products that are unique and authentic. Each design – from traditional Panama hats to handwoven blankets – is rich in culture, but updated with a modern aesthetic uniting two worlds into one.




Meaningful Selections

We are continuously searching for the most beautifully crafted and well-designed pieces that stand the test of time. We focus on elegant, simple styles that inspire, but also uphold a meaningful lifestyle. We hold our brands to the highest standards of personal values. Put simply, we only work with brand partners who we consider to be good people with positive intentions. And boy, have we found the best of the best.




Human to Human

Every purchase acts as a direct line from human to human. The individuality of our products offers both a creative and spiritual link from the artist to you that holds true throughout a lifetime. Something as simple as buying an accessory builds a relationship that impacts another for generations to come.




Life Improvement

Each purchase from Enrou means radically better employment for the people who make our products. Through dignified work—work that is fair, safe, and proud— the possibilities for our artisans are boundless. We seek to empower those who long for the opportunity to build a beautiful life for themselves. Our goal is to help them do that.




Urban Development

The impact of your purchase goes beyond the person who makes it. Every purchase also supports artisans and their communities with things like health, education, and savings programs. These help local people address specific needs and build strength into the community. Because of this dual-impact, you can shop knowing that your purchase creates a ripple effect of change for many people around the world.